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Equinet Architectural and Engineering Support in Quezon City

EXTENSIVE WORLDWIDE PROJECT  EXPERIENCE: Equinet also provides highly-skilled craftsmen, architects, engineers and office staff who have gained valuable on-site experience in projects in Afghanistan, Macedonia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia, Djibouti, Taiwan, Indonesia and the USA. 



EQUINET:  The company was established in 2004. It employs ninety highly-qualified Architects and Engineers creative in their approach to problem-solving, diligent in meeting deadlines, while maintaining the highest standards of design, coordination, and documentation output.


UNIQUE SERVICE:  Our unique service ethic has proven to significantly enhance the business position of our clients in both design and construction project phases by increasing their efficiency in design, coordination and document production, while reducing office and project overhead.


FULLY-INTEGRATED:  Equinet provides a fully-integrated approach in both full-service and design support fields, and has invested time and resources to develop its capability in Building Information Modelling (BIM) using Autodesk Revit software. This affords our clients a distinct advantage in each of their increasingly competitive business environments.


BUILDING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT:  Equinet is now an expert on the international stage in the production of integrated BIM in all disciplines from Level of Detail (LOD) 200 to LOD 500. This is offered both as an enhancement to our full-service design and construction support services, and as a stand-alone service recreating and coordinating the output from our client’s team.





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290, 15th Avenue, Cubao, Silangan, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines


Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 89124036
+63 (2) 82948764
+63 (2) 34398536


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+63 (2) 89123958


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Monday to Friday - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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